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iMenu introduces the fastest and the most user-friendly feature - QR Code Menu On the Planet.

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Customers scan the QR code and reach your menu to place an order - as simple as that.

✔ The user interface is simple, convenient, and easy to understand. You can use it easily.

Customers feel comfortable. It strengthens your image as an entrepreneur.

Time-saving and Hassle-free services, No Human Error.

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Announcement (Scan QR code restaurant covid) In these times of pandemic - Covid-19, the risk of Coronavirus caused due to the spread of the virus via physical objects is reduced by using QR Code menus. Be a responsible citizen and avail yourself of our luxury-grade services.

Apps for different devices

We offer apps for Android, IOS, PC and user can scan also QR code just with phone camera. QR code scanning becomes easy with Phone scanning from android and iPhone.

✔ Customers can offer scan code from any mobile device

Old devices also support the QR code menu to scan

Our competitors don’t offer Android and IOS apps. But, We do offer Android apps, IOS apps, and Web apps to engage customers and to provide the best experience they ever had .

Royalty and Incentives

Excite your customers offering a variety of foods doing nothing but offering....Coupons and royalty. You can put points for a discount on the specific dishes. Whenever your customers order that dish, get points. With that points, they can get a discount. It piques their interest to order multiple dishes multiple times from your restaurant. Customers come back and spend more. Personalized incentives drive more sales and generate more revenue.

❖ Presenting the “call a waiter” feature

Your customers can directly call the waiters. It also saves time and builds interaction through one-on-one calls leaving no doubt behind. Today, customers like to interact directly to demand what they want. This brilliant feature has helped several restaurants to provide faster and efficient services. It is simply done by clicking the button.

What do you gain in return?

Win the customers’ trust by saving their time.

Customers come back because of your super - efficient services.

✔ You can receive more orders in a short time.

Waiters are happy because they can see the ongoing call on the dashboard. On top of that

‘More sales generate more Revenue.’

This is not the end of the services we provide. Here, we offer a series of services to let your customers enjoy... ..The best experience, winning their trust, branding your restaurant, and getting you more revenue in the end......

● Quick Ordering Process

What if your customers feel anxious in ordering the services due to a waste of time? iMenu gets them super-fast and quick ordering procedure so they can order from the restaurant on the spot.

● Fast Order From Four Hotel Room

It is no longer a time-taking process to let the customer order as quickly as possible - thanks to iMenu services. It takes care of your customer's comfort, providing the best service ever.

● Food Recommendations

We don't lose any opportunity to satisfy your customers' needs. We recommend food based on history to save time and energy. If the customer cannot decide what to order, we recommend a variety of the best foods available. We let them see what they might be forgetting. This feature satisfies your customers to a level where they put you on top of their priority list because of the convenience offered.

● Highlighting Popular Dishes

No matter if customers don’t decide quickly or find it hard to pick what’d be the best for them. We highlight the dishes most people like to order. This is how they can quickly choose their best dishes in multiple options without wasting their precious time.

Sounds interesting? Entice your customers NOW!

● Quick Search And Filters

Customers usually face difficulty in executing their search quickly. We address their concerns and make each search super-fast. In this way, iMenu helps them to add filters keeping in view the value of time.

● Graphical Representation Of Stats

We show the stats about your business in a professional and comprehendible graphical form. You can sort out the issues where your services are lagging and better strengthen the bond with the customer. They will choose you repeatedly when you take pre- measures regarding their pain points, i.e. ordering, delivery, call to the waiter.

● Brand Development of your Restaurant

When it comes to the advertisement of your restaurant, imenu presents your services before the customers even before they order something. Customers start trusting your brand and recommend it to their loved ones.

● Support 24/7

Support is available 24 hours for 365 days. Queries are resolved, and multiple solutions are offered. iMenu works efficiently for your customers to ask for anything, anywhere and anytime.

Why choose iMenu?

Using the different features, here’s how you can skyrocket your sales and take your restaurant business to a whole new level of success.

● Faster services

Customers can order from anywhere, anytime, without wasting their time in waiting lines. You get chances to serve more customers in a short time - all because of faster and quick services.

● Better Customer experience

With its fast-ordering service, iMenu provides an excellent experience to the customers to ensure they will choose to come back again.

● Super-fast ordering process

The ordering process is as quick as humanly possible with the unique feature QR menu codes. It saves your customers’ time, and you get more orders. In this way, you end up generating more revenue than ever.

● Content customers

Customers feel happier to have an amazing experience. They feel satisfied and become your regular customers. As a business owner,you know your customers' pain points and provide the services they want.